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Windows Key


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Windows Key

Post by Admin on Mon Apr 13, 2015 7:45 am

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Shortcut Keys Action 

Win === Press windows key to open start menu 

Win+R === Apply to open Run dialog box 

Win+M === Apply to minimize all opened windows 

Win+Shift+M === Apply to maximize all opened windows 

Win+L === Press keys to lock keyboard in windows XP 

Win+E === Press keys to open My Computer 

Win+F === Apply to open search options 

Win+U === Apply keys to open Utility Manager 

Win+D === To view desktop/minimize all windows 

Win+F1 === To view the detail windows help page 

Win+Pause === To view the System Properties dialog box 

Win+Tab === Move through taskbar programs 

Win+F+Ctrl === Apply to open search for computers 

Alt+Tab === Move through opened windows programs 

Alt+F4 === Press keys to close active windows program 

Alt+Enter === Apply to open properties of selected item 

Alt+ SPACEBAR === Open the system menu of active window 

Alt+ SPACEBAR +N === Press keys to minimize the active program 

Alt+ SPACEBAR +R === Press keys to restore the active program 

Alt+ SPACEBAR+C === Press keys to close the active program 

Alt+ SPACEBAR+X === Press keys to maximize the active program 

Alt+ SPACEBAR+M === Press keys to move the active program 

Ctrl+Alt+Delete === Apply to open windows task manager 

Ctrl+Shift+Esc === Apply to open windows task manager 

Ctrl+Esc === Press keys to open start menu 

Shift === Shift key to prevent CD from automatically playing 

Shift+Delete === To delete items permanently

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