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MySQL and Microsoft Access DB Converter


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MySQL and Microsoft Access DB Converter

Post by Admin on Thu Apr 02, 2015 6:13 am

I got excellent software for you. You can make conversion between Microsoft Access and MySQL DB. I was ASP classic programmer, once I made a website in ASP classic language. Later I need to change that website from ASP classic to PHP and Database from MS Access to MySQL. I searched for software and found this great utility and now I am sharing that utility with you.

This utility can perform the following conversions.

  • MS Access to MySQL

  • MS Access to MySQL Dump

  • MS Access to PHP Script

  • MS Access to MS Access

  • MySQL to MS Access

  • MySQL to MySQL

  • MySQL to MySQL Dump

  • MySQL to PHP Script

Conversion of MS Access DB into MySQL and MySQL DB into MS Access is very easy and reliable now. I hope you will enjoy this utility. The link below is available for you.
Note: Serial key for this utility is included in .rar file.

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